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Brian Head Welch Community

For all KoRn and Head fans and supporters

Brian "Head" Welch Community
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This is the community for all KoRn and Brian Head Welch fans and supporters.
For those who doesnt know, Brian was the guitarist of KoRn during 1992-2005 period.
On Feb 22nd this year, accourding on the band's official website, Brian Welch, who has choosen the Lord Jesus Christ as his savior, is leaving KoRn.

On Sunday (27th Feb) Brian had some perfoming in Bakersfield's church. He said he is not planning to get back to KoRn, he was addicted to meth and some other stuff and wanted to get clean, so he went to church, and got interested. For more information check out www.headtochrist.com

This is not religious community. This is just a place for KoRn and Head's fans to come and hang out.